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"The changes in my child are astounding. Before he started capoeira he had a hard time focusing, listening to instructions, and cooperating. Since starting capoeira, and especially the leadership program, my child has done a complete 180. He's excelling in school and his confidence is through the roof!"

-Dominic H.


More than a martial art

Kids have a great time learning kicks, dodges, and acrobatic movements. The physical part of capoeira is a great full-body workout (for kids and adults) and this is definitely something that a parent of a high-energy kid can appreciate. You’ll see your child develop some real skill and ability in this cultural art-form. But capoeira is so much more than just a martial arts class.

Capoeira is performed to live music and all students learn to play the traditional instruments. Your child will learn the fundamentals of capoeira music and how to sing the traditional songs in Portuguese. (Did you know that more people in South America speak Portuguese than Spanish?) We have seen over and over again that development of musical ability is a strong indicator of performance in school, especially in math. Once again, learning to play an instrument helps students to develop focus and confidence, and leads to success in other parts of their life.

Cultural awareness like that developed through this capoeira program is a major part of what helps children succeed in a modern world. Foreign language skills and an understanding of cultures that are different than their own will help your child to work better with others, and know how to build relationships that will help them to reach their own goals.

So, what are you waiting for?

Building confident kids and strong bodies

Utah parents today face many challenges. We all want our children to be safe, healthy, and grow up to be successful members of society. It is a full-time job to make sure our children are surrounded by influences which will lead them in positive directions. If you feel the same way we do about our kids we hope you’ll certainly visit us for an intro program to see what we have to offer.

Good parents discover opportunities to surround their children with role-models who obtain high expectations and live the principles they teach. That is what you will find at Capoeira Utah. You’ll see your little one blossom with confidence which will have a lasting effect on every aspect of their life.

Developing your child’s focus

What if your child was able to better focus around the house and at school? Is it important to you that your child follows through on what they’ve started and pays attention when you talk to them? Training capoeira is hard. Classes are fast-paced and thrilling. Our instructors are all trained to teach more than only martial arts in all our classes. Students learn to develop confidence and focus, and you’ll see that translate quickly into their home life and school work. In our program your child receives positive feedback for developing attributes such as confidence, focus, and leadership skills along with capoeira training they receive.

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