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"I love doing capoeira with my family! At first I wanted to just enroll my kids, but the dynamic family atmosphere  inspired me to give it a try. Now I see changes not only in my childrens' lives, but my own too. We all have increased discipline, health, and fitness. The leadership program has not only helped my children at school, but even myself at my job. This community  is amazing." -Esther D.


What are you waiting for?

Get started in a trial program at Capoeira Utah for just $29.99. This program includes a personal introductory lesson with one of our head instructors, two weeks of group class, and a FREE capoeira uniform. It’s a great deal, but it won’t last.

You’ll be amazed at what you can do!

Whether your goals include getting in fantastic shape, or you’re just looking for a fun wholesome activity for your family you will find it at Capoeira Utah. If you’re looking to develop lean strong muscles or melt away the pounds, or you want to study a foreign culture and learn more about the musical and artistic side of capoeira, you’ll find it all here in one convenient course. Nowhere else will you find so many things conveniently packaged in one location or curriculum. Whatever your motivation, we can guarantee one thing . . . that you’ll be amazed at what you can do!

We can take class together?

Yes! That’s exactly right. We’ve developed a program right here at our South Jordan academy that is convenient for families and gives parents and children a great workout that is physically challenging and mentally stimulating. You’ll progress through the program together supporting each other all along the way.

Ultimately, everybody gets what they need out of the same class. The physical part of capoeira is an energizing and exciting way for anyone of any age or fitness level to get a great full-body workout. You and your child will get in the best shape of your life and have a great time doing it.

Capoeira class is much more than just a great workout. This is one of the only traditional martial arts performed to live music. You’ll spend time learning the Portuguese language and playing traditional instruments. We know that children who develop musical ability perform better in school. Imagine what it could do for you too!

The family that kicks together sticks together.

We truly believe that. As a matter of fact, our entire program is designed to help build strong family relationships. The family is the fundamental building block of our communities, and we believe no other community feels that stronger than right here in Salt Lake County. When our families are strong, it’s better for all of us. We think it is important to learn how to work hard toward common goals and overcome real challenges together as a family.

Capoeira Utah Family classes give parents and children the opportunity to train together in a supportive environment that emphasizes physical fitness, goal setting, and mutual respect. There are so few activities that parents and children can do together and both still be challenged and engaged. Capoeira creates that opportunity.

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