Family Class

This class is for individuals 6 and up. Kids and Adults share the space for a great family energy! The family that kicks together sticks together!

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Brazilian Capoeira

Strength - Beauty - Flexibility

With it's unique combination of martial arts, dance, acrobatics, and live music, Capoeira is an engaging workout that keeps your commitment high. Build strength, endurance, and flexibility all while having an amazing cultural experience. You'll be looking forward to each training session.

Adult Class
This class is for individuals 12 and up. Young adults and Adults of all ability levels train together, reinforcing our varying dynamic community!

"I admit I wanted to try capoeira because of the cool moves. But what I didn't expect was the deep-rooted, complex artform  that it is, and the community. I have not only met some of the most amazing people at capoeira, but have learned the true meanings of attributes like integrity, honor,  and what hard work actually is."  -Josh F.


This amazing workout is now available in Salt Lake County at Capoeira Utah in South Jordan. Call us today to try a FREE Introductory Class.

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